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Okay honestly, I think I'm taking a break from DA for a bit. I really can't take some of the sheer stupidity here. Also I'm just plain pissed off by a certain deviant here, I won't say who but goddamn I do not appreciate her existence right now.

I'll only hop on now and then, for the important stuff. Other then that consider me inactive.


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
By Me, for Me by savagebinn Kid at Heart by savagebinn Good Artists Are... by savagebinn I Don't Hate Popular Fandoms... by chubby-choco STAMP critism welcomed by Lennylein OCs Stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps Too Many Stamps Stamp by blackangelyume Too many things -stamp- by Shantella I am a CARTOON in a HUMAN BODY by StrawberryR Stamp Collab: Here for Art! by TheSaltyMonster Watch Me For Art-Stamp by lupehero38 Don't watch stamp by izka197 Real women have... by PrincessFlaw Animation Is NOT Easy by World-Hero21 I like 'em that way by RoliStamps I Dont Support Simba Clones by SilverToraGe These Colors by linawifeofL Murphy Laws number 8 by JediSenshi YAOIIIIIIZ by linawifeofL Cartoonists and anatomy by LilithiumStamps Request III by paramoreSUCKS Art School Doesn't Want Anime by genkistamps FAN pairing Stamp by Wamp-crasH Pairings are Opinions Stamp by Chocolate-Shinigami no breeding by Dametora STFU, spoiled brat by Ramen27 Liar Liar by linawifeofL Truth Isn't Trolling by ValgStamps Anyone Can Critique by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me IT'S EVERYWHERE D: by ChikitaWolf Bad Fan-Fiction Writers stamp by Lentertament :thumb254250780:

Hey everyone! I’m Red or in some cases I allow others to call me Mini… anyway, this I guess clearly is my deviant page, which I think is filled with sucky art because I can’t draw. Ha, anyway for the title of ‘Warriorsfan106’ I’m still waiting to change that, I’m not really a fan of Warriors anymore and I think the username is to boring. ^^ So, anyway… I love writing stories spically’ ones for my favorite shows. I always like to make up my own theories, and ideas, ect… I do love to make OC’s but sometimes I end up disliking them in the end. It’s hard, especially when you worry to much about what other people think of your art and writing, believe me… I don’t have low self esteem or anything nor do I think very highly of myself. My whole opinion of myself is… ‘meh’. Though in the future I’d really like to become a author or a cartoonist, and judging by what people say… which I don’t take compliments easy, because thinking that when your family members say your art and writing is good that it officially earns you ‘THE GREATEST ARTIST/WRITER IN HISTORY AWARD’ is no way to think by, but never stop dreaming or trying either. I embrace criticism unless it’s one of those stupid ones when a jerk feels like being a annoying hater.


Name: Kyra ---
Nickname(s): Red and Mini.
Age: Fourteen.
Gender: Hot bread, obviously. (Female)
Relationship statues: Uninterested yet in love with many different un-existing guys. (Single)



:iconurnam-bot: :iconmickeymonster: :iconmuffin-mixer: :iconkittenthepsycho: :iconbecarefulpaint: :iconsaber-panda: :iconskittystrawberries: :iconwyethcat:



* :iconcyberfox: : please do a series of pics involving Lenny being short like Sid (due to such his shirt drapes on him due to new height, Lenny is the rabbit) playing with Sid

Dislikes and Likes (plus fears):

I Like: Reading, writing, roleplaying, drawing, cats, dogs, most animals, anime, cartoons, video games, Three Days Grace, Skillet, Disney, wishing & dreaming, imagining, rave music(?), cookies, ice cream, practically anything sweet, villains, villains idiot henchmen/sidekicks, swimming, nature, calm places, the library, horror, gore....

I Dislike: Swagets, Justin Bieber and One Direction songs, over obsessive and over protective fan girls, jerks, the color pink, anything TOO girly, gamer girls (the sluts who find ridicules glasses and take nude pictures of themselves with controllers), Mary-sues/Gary-stues, most of the creatures in the ocean…

I Fear: Bridges (most specifically driving a car at night on a bridge and getting hit by a drunk drviver), dying on a ride at a amusement park or carnival, excepting something but it never comes, being told by my friends that they don't want anything to do with me anymore...


Favorite Cartoons and Movies:

Movies: Zombieland, Poltergeist, Friday the thirteenth, The Lorax, Horton Hears a Who, All Dogs Go to Heaven (1 and 2), Beetlejuice, Nightmare before Christmas, Scooby Doo Zombie Island and Cyberchase, Cavemen, Wreck-it-Ralph, Coraline, Monsters Inc, Monsters University, The Little Mermaid (1 and 2), Ghost Busters…

Cartoons: Cyberchase, Superjail!, CatDog, Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, Beetlejuice (the cartoons series), Invader Zim, Spongebob, Puffy Ami Yumi, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Whatever Happened to Robot Jones, Chalkzone, Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, Pinky and the Brain, Total Drama...


Favorite Character(s):

Cyberchase: Delete, Buzz, Hacker, Digit and Inez.
TD: Heather, Noah, and Courtney.
A!RM: Ickis and Oblina.
Chalkzone: Snap and Skrawl.
Spongebob: Sandy.
Superjail!: Warden, Stingray, Alice, and Jailbot.
WiR: Turbo/King Candy, Vanellope and Sour Bill.
Fosters home for Imaginary friends: Bloo, Frankie and Mac.
CatDog: Cat and Dog.
Nightmare before Christmas: Jack, Sally and Oogie Boogie.
Beetlejuice: (both movie and cartoon) Betelgeuse (YES. That’s how you spell his REAL name.)
Invader Zim: Zim, Red, Purple, Gir and Gaz.
Monsters Inc/Monster University: Randall/Randy and Mike Wazoski.
The Little Mermaid (1 and 2): Undertow, Ariel, Tip, Dash and Melody.
Favorite Disney princess: Ariel. (The Little Mermaid DVD was one of my most treasured items when I was younger, other then the Tigger movie. In my own opinion, I think she is the most beautiful of all the Disney princesses and the best…but that’s only because she is my favorite as said.) {I just needed to add this one itself.}




Youtube Account:…

Fanfiction Account:…


ZimMin by savagebinn Min Stamp by savagebinn :iconzimmin: Zim by savagebinn Invader Zim ZADRcon part stamp by ZimPLUSDib Invader Zim by Julesie Zim stamp by vivianit11 Doom stamp by Strange-little-cat Professor Membrane Toast Stamp by MasterGallade Zim For The Win Stampness by ChameleonSushi580 Doom Stamp by WindW0lf Zim the Smaallie Stamp X3 by MrsEmmyJ Tallest purple stamp by Prepare-Your-Bladder Tallest Red Love Stamp by smileystamps Stamp: Note to Self... by Ace-Eevee-Kat Irken Conquest Stamp by DarthRegina125 Zim doesn't by Leafpool2 Tallest Purple Love Stamp by smileystamps Tallest Red Stampness by ChameleonSushi580 Tallest Purple Stampness by ChameleonSushi580

Cyberchase Digit Stamp by Mikey186 Cyberchase Inez Stamp by Mikey186 Beetlejuice Chant Stamp by CadetCutie B.J and Lyds 4eva... by CLGristwood Stamp - Beetlejuice Fan by 6v4MP1r36 Tim Burton Stamp by thatfire-stock ChalkZone Stamp by RottenKindaCute Sulley by dloz Villains Rule X by renatalmar Crush on Villains by renatalmar Jack IID stamp by DeviantSith Jack Stamp by Sinister-Starfeesh Pinky n Brain Pondering Stamp by RavenGaleSpencer Global Domination Stamp by bandit4edu NARF by Talis-Design Pinky and Brain stamp by road-traveller Oblina+Ickis Stamp by The-Man-Of-Tomorrow Stamp Ickis by LUIAR Oblina Stamp by LUIAR Krumm Stamp by LUIAR

Stamp: Wreck it Ralph by Southrobin it's turbo-time by Pharaoh-Ink King Candy by Pharaoh-Ink King Candybug Stamp by yaoiXyaoi :thumb360039118: KING CANDY STAMP candy bug by iLikki KC stamp by DuskofGold5 Turbo-Tastic Stamp by TheSweetestDisease Turbo-Tastic Wreck-It Ralph Stamp by RadSpyro Sour Bill stamp by SA948-Stamps Vanellope von Schweetz stamp by MintyPepper Peppermint-TurboXVanellope Stamp by Starrceline Vanellope Stamp Thing by quiet-niightmares0 free stam vanellope 2 by HavickTheLion Would You? by MissGingerIce :thumb360615930: Is It? by MissGingerIce Vanellope von Schweetz stamp by Vanellope-Schweeetz Wreck-It Ralph stamp by SA948-Stamps Ralph Stamp by DuskofGold5

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